The Group Departure


Experience the ultimate challenge by traversing one of the most rugged islands in the world from the east to west crossing jungles, hills, mountain, rivers, rapids, and wilderness. We will be trekking to the lush of Borneo jungle with diversity of vegetation and animal wildlife. We will use land transportation, public houseboat and chartered motorized canoe to access the jungle for roughed days trekking. We will sleep in the jungle and simple houses of the villagers with basic facilities, we will be trekking in tough and mostly wet trails, those are the only way to appreciate the primary jungle of Borneo with the most traditional Dayak tribe settlements as well as the exotic wildlife of the jungle itself. However, the reward of the trip are the romance of the journey itself, combination of river travel with long stretches of rapids, the experience of jungle trekking, wildlife exploration, as well as interacting with the Dayak people who accept visitors with their friendly attitude and hospitality that tend to make visitors immediately feel at home in their midst. Therefore, good level of fitness, strong sense of determination, and of course the spirit of adventure are the conditions for accomplishing this challenging trip.

Cross Borneo Expedition departs on Jan 21 ā€“ Feb 05, 2013

Cross Borneo Expedition departs on May 19 ā€“ Jun 03, 2014

Cross Borneo Expedition departs on Oct 24 ā€“ Nov 09, 2014